Looking for FoxPro programmers who can:

  • - Support your application in the version it was written (from FoxPro DOS to VFP 9.0)?
  • - Upgrade older FoxPro or dbase IV applications to Visual FoxPro 9.0?
  • - Write Visual Foxpro 9.0 multiuser applications?
  • - Migrate your FoxPro applications to SQL Server and Visual Studio .NET?
  • - Create custom Foxpro reports, graphs and spreadsheets that will update in real time?
  • - Web-enable your Foxpro tables, giving you the ability to access your data from anywhere?
  • - Fix a corrupt DBF file?
  • - Convert CSV files to Foxpro database files, or DBF files to Excel (or other Foxpro data conversion possibilities)?
  • - Build interfaces to external data, like SQL server, mainframes, Excel and Access?
  • - Integrate your Foxpro accounting software with QuickBooks or Peachtree?
  • - Help with low level file functions in Foxpro?
  • - Provide FoxPro training and/or coaching on an as-needed basis?
  • - Provide Foxpro programming support services, even after hours?
  • - Migrate your VFP application to a PHP web site?

Whether you're looking for someone to develop a new Visual Fox Pro application, or provide VFP programming support for an existing one--or even if you'd prefer to do-it-yourself (but need a little help now and then) check us out!

If you need a Visual Fox Pro programmer who can develop robust, user-friendly database applications, assist with Foxpro 9 report design,  trigger Foxpro events, upload files to SQL using Visual Foxpro--all at competitive rates, contact us because we can help you.

Five ways you'll benefit by contacting us.

  • 1. Higher Productivity

    Your personnel will no longer have to manually re-key data into separate systems. Think of how much time and money that will save!

  • 2. Fully distributable

    You'll never pay extra per-seat or per-location fees for software deployment. Should you decide to distribute your software to other locations, there will be no additional charges unless you request additional software programming, training or installation assistance.

  • 3. Greater Flexibility

    Your system will be designed with multiple users in mind, allowing for easy access to data without requiring others to close spreadsheets or move to different records. Your system will be able to grow with you as your company needs change.

  • 4. No need for new or additional hardware

    Most often, your new QuickBooks interface will run on your existing workstations without the need for equipment upgrades.

  • 5. 24-Hour Support

    We're only a phone call away. We support the systems we install, and can add enhancements as needed.