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Using Treeview Drag and Drop in VFP

FoxPro Drag and Drop disptaching screen

When you need to dispatch personnel, vehicles or jobs, custom VFP form(s) like the ones shown above and below fit the bill. The Windows TreeView control makes it easy to use drag and drop functionality to assign people, equipment and vehicles quickly.

The dispatching form above keeps track of how many pallets have been assigned to a given driver. Once the number reaches a certain threshold, the form won’t let any more loads be assigned to that driver.

Users can hover their mouse over an item to automatically display more information about that particular load. They can also double-click any item to view or adjust the underlying data.

Threshold limits are set based on the type of vehicle the driver is using. This gives your office personnel the ability to drag and drop pickups onto a route, assign personnel and equipment, and enter route-specific notes quickly.

Depending on the type of work your company does, we could leverage the same TreeView functionality so you can manage any of the following:

  • Assign jobs to installers.
  • Route shipments using air, rail, or over-the road vendors.
  • Plan package assemblies—assigning motors and trailers to boats, for example.
  • Assign tools to vehicles.
  • Allocate tasks to office personnel.
  • Assign personnel to projects.
  • Associate tasks with assembly line stations.

This functionality provides excellent “what-if” potential—you can visually review what effect each action will have on the rest of the system.

Scheduling activities visually

Using VFP to schedule activities visually

When it comes to scheduling employees and resources, less is more!  If you need a system that manages your schedule and resources, we can incorporate screens(s) such as the one shown above.  It gives user the ability to drag and drop jobs onto a route, assign personnel and equipment, and enter route-specific notes quickly.

Although the forms you see above were developed in Visual FoxPro and store their data in VFP tables, we could develop similar forms using with a SQL Server back end just as easily.

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