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Regmanage2 is a Visual Foxpro application developed by IO Technologies Inc to aid clients in managing who has access to the software developed for them. Within Regmanage2, clients can add new licenses to use their product, generate trial keys, and browse the current registered users. Key features include:

  • Manage multiple applications with a single program.
  • Set an expiration date.
  • Set an expiration of a set number of days after installation.
  • Set the license to expire after a set number of uses.
  • Limit the number of users that can be using the application at the same time.
  • Issue Try Before You Buy licenses.

Generate Keys

This is the first screen that is displayed when Regmanage2 is opened. It is here that you can add new licenses to the application for various users, the license type and manage the serial number associated with them.

Add licenses to VFP Registration Manager

To add a new license, click the Add button located on the bottom left of the screen. Fill in the form with the appropriate information:

A) The basic information of the person/company that the application will be registered to.

B) The license information.
  • The serial number provided by user is the code that the user supplies to register the application.
  • An application MUST be chosen from the Application drop down or the license will not be effective.
  • The application dropdown only shows applications flagged as active, see Managing Applications below for more information.
C) The product key associated with the license. This is filled in by clicking the Generate Key button located slightly above the generated date and time
  • It is important to generate a key, otherwise the application will not work.
D) Any comments about the license.

After the form has been filled in with relevant data, click the Save button located at the bottom left of the screen.

Additional Information on the buttons located at the bottom of the screen:

  1. Undo: Cancels the current action without saving, displayed when adding or editing.
  2. Delete: Deletes the current license information. Not available when adding or editing.
  3. Top: Goes to the first record.
  4. Prev: Goes to the previous record.
  5. Next: Goes to the next record.
  6. Bottom: Goes to the last record
  7. Email: Used to send an email to the user using the default email client.
  8. Hide Hyphens/Show Hyphens: Hides/Shows the hyphens in the Serial Number and Product Key fields. Button caption changes depending if the hyphens are currently shown or not.
  9. View history: Only shown when neither adding nor editing. Shows the license history for the user that is currently displayed on the Generate Key page of the Manage License screen.

Try Before You Buy
Try Before You Buy is the second of the main tabs located at the top of Manage Licenses form. Use this tab to add new trial licenses to the application so that a user can try it before buying the full version. This form is like a stripped down version of the Generate Key screen.

Add trial licenses

To add a new license, click on the Try Before You Buy tab located near the top of the form. Then select an Expiration Type and fill in the data field associated with it. This defaults to the Expires after option with 25 uses. Make sure the Application field is filled in or the trial license you are creating will not work! Finally, click the Generate Key button. This will generate a new trial key as well as active it. All that remains to be done is to be done is to distribute the trial key to the user.


Browse Registered Users

Browse Registered Users is the third of the main tabs located at the top of Manage Licenses form. It is here that you can view all of the users associated with the application. You can also sort the list in multiple ways including, but not limited to, by name and company by clicking on their respective column headers. Browse registered users form 

The Print List button allows the client to print a list of registered users showing the following information:

  1. Name and Company Name
  2. Address
  3. Phone Number
  4. Email
  5. Serial Number and Product Key


Managing Applications

The applications which appear in the Applications dropdown on the main Regmanage form are maintained using the Manage Applications form. This form allows you to add/edit various applications that they want to be able to issue licenses for, as well as mark older outdated applications as inactive or even to delete them, though the latter is typically not recommended.

RegManage application manager form 

To launch the Manage Applications form, click on Manage Licenses from the menu bar and then on Manage Applications. To add a new application to the list, click on the Add button and type in an application name, then click Save. By default the application will be flagged as active. Editing an existing application can be done in one of three ways:

  1. Click on the Edit button.
  2. Click on the text box containing the currently selected app’s name
  3. Click on the Active check box
To delete an application, select it in the list, and click on the Delete button. A confirmation window will appear:

RegManage confirm deletion 

Press Yes to delete the record or No to cancel. NOTE: This action cannot be undone. For this reason it is recommended that the application be marked Inactive instead of deleted!

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