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Every morning when you arrive at the office, do you regularly spend the first hour or more manually downloading files from your corporate mainframe, then importing them and/or running reports?

Why not let FoxPro perform these tasks for you?

Even if there are exceptions to the rules, our VFP developers can often automate any/all of the following:

  • Download files from mainframes or FTP servers.
  • Import files in a variety of formats, whether CSV, XLS, SDF, TXT or ANSI X12.
  • Run batched reports, printing them to whatever printer is closest to the intended recipients.
  • Upload current data to your corporate website.
  • Query external websites, then consolidate the results into Excel spreadsheets.
  • Send email blasts to new customers or prospects.
  • Generate Purchase Orders in PDF format and email them to the appropriate vendors.
  • Verify that your corporate websites are up and running.
  • And many, many more--if you can define the process, we can probably automate it!

These processes don't have to run overnight. In fact, this type of form is designed to run 24x7. Using a FoxPro application like this one, you can manage a list of events, specifying the days of the week and/or time of day each should be run.

So what's up with the image of the heart in the middle of the form? This heart "beats", providing a visual cue that the application is running normally. (Sometimes our customers run very long and complicated processes, which take a long time to finish due to the sheer volume of data they're working with.) By instructing the heart to "thump" periodically, the software gives a visual indication that it's busy working on a task.


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